Author Topic: Why Should I Use This Site?  (Read 307 times)

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Why Should I Use This Site?
« on: July 06, 2018, 02:12:56 AM »
For one reason, because we need your involvement to continue making this project a success. If you are reading this, its means you care about your investment. And thats a great start!

As a group of investors who have invested in the ICO over 1 year ago, we feel your frustration and why started this community. We too have lost considerable money with these delays (first batch of D3s for $2600 USD anyone?). We have put our house and mortages on the line and lost due to these delays - so we want to help others learn from our mistakes and improve the processes so this wont be another just another dead ICO on deadcoins

Please note, we are not affiliated with GigaWatt or their subsidiaries. We do not get any endorsements, we receive no kick backs and all the costs are at our expense. Our only motivation for doing this is solely driven because we care for the longevity of the project and its community. We need your help to keep GigaWatt accountable

Please consider joining and help build this community if you want the following
  • Full & Complete Transparency
    Which is only possible if an independent platform exists outside the Gigawatt ecosystem
  • Community Comradery & Assistance
    We are in this together, so lets help each other
  • Regular Updates Emailed Directly To You
    Dont waste your time scrolling through thousands of messages on telegram just for an update. Sign up to boards and get the important updates emailed directly to you

Lastly, some additional helpful tips
  • The clock on this forum is set to Gigawatt local time in East Wenatchee
  • You can opt-in to receive emails when certain topics are updated

The site is still in its infancy so please be patient with us. As always, please feel free to reach out to us for anything, and we will try our best to assist you :)
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